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Reiki Training 

Level 1     $200         10 -12 hours   This is a full two day class with lots of hands-on practice.

Level 2     $225         8 hours    This is usually a one day class.                 

Level 3A   $250         8 hours    This is the Master Practitioner level.   


Level 3B   $700         Level 3B is the Master Teacher level so is structured to suit each       

                                individual student’s needs.  Hours by arrangement.  Minimum  time      

                                spent in class is 12 hours.  

Your $50 deposit secures your place in a class.

The balance is due on the first day of the class.

I offer you the opportunity to explore the benefits of Reiki, a simple healing energy that has enhanced the well-being of many.  I am honoured to serve as your teacher should you wish to learn how to use this gentle healing and spiritual art for yourself and others.  

After registration, I trust that you are committed to learning Reiki and will be part of our class.  If for any unexpected and sincere reason you are unable to attend, you may transfer your deposit to the next available class at the same level.  If the class is cancelled for any reason you will receive a full refund or you may choose to register for the next class.

I am always available to help you if you need further advice about your Reiki practice after classes or to just listen as you share your own experiences.  Please stay in touch.

I do my best to meet your schedule and if we are meant to learn and work together I trust that it will come to be.  Should the energy move you to another teacher, please enjoy your Reiki journey and I wish you many happy days ahead with this blessed gift.

Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  Please note that

I do not accept debit or credit cards for class or session payments.

For further details or to book a class or individual session or reading please telephone me and if I’m not there, leave your name and a voice message telling me when it’s best to return your call.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.   250-923-1346

You can send me an e-mail to   Please edit the address to remove the words “nospamplease” before sending.  Thank you.  

Private Reiki Sessions

Full Reiki session $45  (60 - 70 minutes)     Short Reiki session $30  (30 - 35 minutes)

While the Reiki session usually takes about 60 - 65 minutes you will probably want to relax on the table for five minutes or so after and may also wish to talk about your experience.  Please allow yourself ample time.

If you wish you may also choose to have a shorter Reiki session, working on only the front side of the body.  This may be helpful if you are uncomfortable lying on your front or side, or you are short of time.  The session will take about 30 minutes but please allow 40 minutes as you will wish to rest for a few minutes afterwards.

It is often recommended that you have at least three Reiki sessions fairly close together when you have an ongoing health condition or have an upcoming surgery.   

My teaching and treatment area is in a private space in my home in the quiet Ocean Grove area just south of Campbell River.  I am therefore able to offer reasonable rates and to find a time for your session that will suit you. The environment is pet, fragrance and smoke free.  

Please dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to fully relax and refrain from wearing fragrance.  Again, it is important to allow some time to simply rest after all sessions.  

If you are being driven here by a relative or friend there is a comfortable room with reading material where your driver is welcome to wait.  Tea or water is provided.


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