Reiki Training on Vancouver Island


Reiki 2 class - Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Reiki 1 class - Monday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Reiki workshops are friendly, comfortable and respectful. The groups are kept small and individual tuition is also available.  Everyone can learn Reiki.

The traditional Usui Natural Health System is taught with Japanese Reiki techniques integrated.  I use the four traditional symbols of the Usui Reiki line and the attunement method I received and was taught.  Each person in this lineage had four attunements (initiations) for Reiki Level 1 and one for each other level.  All their classes were taught in person. Please note that the Reiki 1 class requires 10 - 12 hours over two full days or three consecutive days with 3 to 4 hours each day.  

What is your Usui Reiki lineage? 


In class you will learn about these Reiki Teachers in more detail and will receive a detailed lineage chart.  

Please scroll down for the class outlines for each Reiki level.

Where are classes held?

I teach in my home which is close to Campbell River in the Ocean Grove area. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and the environment is non-smoking, pet and fragrance free. 

I will also work with families in their homes.  This option may be best if there is a family member who would benefit from ongoing healing energy and some of the family wish to learn how to treat with Reiki.  Workshops are offered in alternate locations with suitable site and adequate registration.  If you wish to have a Reiki class in your area, please contact me.   

How are dates set?

When someone requests a Reiki class I will work out a suitable date and time with them.  Classes can be held on weekdays or weekends.  However, there are other ways of organizing the lessons.  For example, if you live nearby, you may choose to learn in the evenings.  I will work around the group or individual’s schedule.  We may need to be flexible if people are traveling distances.  

How long are the classes?

The exact length of the class depends on the number of participants in the workshop and the level.  Generally speaking, participants  should plan on 10 to 12 hours divided over two days for Reiki 1.  Reiki 2 may be offered in one day.  Similarly the Reiki Master Practitioner Level (formerly level 3) is usually a one day class.  The amount of time needed can also be spread out over consecutive days or evenings if you live in the area.  

After we have set a date and time other students are welcome to join us and, if possible, we will adjust the schedule between us until it works for all.  The classes are kept small and friendly and you will have lots of hands-on practice so that you feel confident when you give Reiki.

Will I have follow-up help later if I need it?

Yes, of course! I find my students usually keep in touch with me through e-mail and just drop by for a visit.   Opportunities for follow-up practice will be provided and I am also always available to offer support.  I will send students the dates and times of any upcoming Reiki shares, which will usually be held on a Sunday afternoon, a few times each year.    

Class Outlines

First Degree/ Level 1 Reiki

Reiki 1 is the beginning level of Reiki and has an emphasis on healing in the physical realm.  This class is usually held over two days.  Topics include:

  1.     defining Reiki. 

  2.     four attunements.

  3.     life principles and history.

  4.     Reiki hand positions for treatments on the front and back of the body.

  5.     ethics, responsibility, and limitations related to treatments.    

  6.     a method of self-treatment.

  7.     a short “chair treatment” method.

  8.     lots of hands-on practice.

  9.     Reiki meditations.

  10.     Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and Gendai Reiki-Ho Shoden techniques.

  11.     a coil bound manual, written by me,  covering the content of the class.

  12.     certificate for Reiki 1 is issued at completion of the course.

Second Degree/Level 2 Reiki

Reiki 2, introduces distant healing and focuses on sending energy beyond time and space.  If you are not one of my returning students I will need to see your certificate for Reiki Level 1.  Topics include:

  1.     a thorough review of Reiki 1 material. 

  2.     discussion, questions or experiences with Reiki so far.

  3.     one attunement to the energy and symbols of Reiki 2

  4.     practice drawing and using the three Reiki symbols.

  5.     sending Reiki healing to those in another place (with their prior permission) 

  6.     sending healing energy into the past and future.

  7.     working on the intentions of others (with their prior permission). 

  8.     Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and Gendai Reiki-Ho Okuden techniques

  9.     addressing emotional healing and unwanted habits. 

  10.     Reiki meditations.

  11.     creating a Reiki box.

  12.     a coil bound manual, written by me,  covering the course content.

  13.     a certificate for Reiki 2 is issued at the completion of the course.

Third Degree/Level3A/Master Practitioner Level

The Reiki Master Practitioner class is a rewarding step to take.  At this level the focus is on connecting to the consciousness in the higher dimension and growing spiritually. I do my best to design the classes to respond to the needs of the participants.  If you are not a returning student I will need to see your Reiki 1 and 2 certificates. Topics include:

  1.     focus on the spiritual aspect of Reiki 

  2.     connecting with the consciousness of a higher level.   

  3.     becoming aware and reaching for your higher self.  

  4.     integrating the life principles into your daily life.  

  5.     becoming more at one with yourself and the universe.  

  6.     one attunement.  

  7.     review previous two levels of Reiki 

  8.     discussion, questions or experiences with Reiki so far.

  9.     review of previous symbols in Reiki 2 and how you have used them.  

  10.     the meaning of the master symbol , drawing and using it.

  11.     discussion of other symbols and variations of symbols.

  12.     Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and Gendai Reiki-Ho Shinpiden techniques.

  13.     a coil bound manual, written by me,  covering the course content.

  14.     Reiki meditations.

  15.     creating a Reiki crystal grid.

  16.     a certificate for Reiki 3 Master Practitioner is issued at the completion of the course.

After the workshop or classes I expect you will, at this stage, be keeping in contact with me for a while via e-mail, phone, or just dropping by if you are in the area to discuss how things are going for you.  I am always here to support your journey and to learn from you.  

Fourth Degree/Level 3B or 4/Reiki Master Teaching Level

Depending on where you live this course may be structured in different ways.   At a minimum we need to spend about 24 hours together based on four days of at least six hours each.   There are no restrictions on how much time the course takes.  I will work with you when and as you need me.  I will need to see your prior Reiki certificates if you are not a returning student.

Ideally I organize this course as ongoing mentoring.  To begin, we need to spend two days or about 12 - 14 hours working together in person to cover the printed course material in coil bound manual form written by me.  If you are local we can meet frequently for less hours at a time.  If you are traveling I will work with you to make sure we have plenty of personal contact time and also manage to communicate on a regular basis via e-mail or telephone

Subsequent hours are for you to “fine tune”, receive feedback, ask questions, discuss ideas, and generally develop your own understanding of how to organize and teach Reiki classes.  You will be welcome to attend any classes I am organizing and I will be happy to attend your classes to help out when you are certified.  

There are many important elements that must be covered in class  We will do thorough reviews of all previous Reiki level content.  We will discuss the symbols at all levels and you will learn how to pass attunements for each Reiki level and will practice the technique on others.  We will also discuss the various attunement methods Reiki Masters may use.  We will discuss and note aspects of the Western and Traditional Japanese Reiki methods.

We will discuss how you will organize and teach the content of your Reiki classes.  You will be given copies of my manual pages and certificate template and may use what you wish with your own students.  As you develop your own practice you will probably create your own printed material.  There is content which must be covered at each level and then there is the opportunity to add other elements that are personal to you.  We will discuss business issues and how and where you will conduct your practice.

Above all it is important to remember that there is responsibility attached to becoming a Reiki teacher and it is important to be clear about your own motivations.  This is a joyful, spiritual  journey we are on together and we will learn much from each other.  Together we can learn and work simply, with compassion and gratitude, for the highest good of all.

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