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I live in an attitude of gratitude

I am free of anger

I am free of worry

I earn my living honestly

I show love and respect for every living thing.

Sample comments from Isabella’s students and clients.

Isabella is one of those rare gifted people whose passion, devotion and loving spirit for Reiki is

so profound, you cannot help but be swept off your feet seeking the knowledge and art of this sacred spiritual practice.  Under Isabella’s guidance and instruction I have learned how to move energy and heal in a gentle and caring way.  I first received my Reiki 1 instruction from Isabella in 2008 and most recently completed Level III training in 2013.  I highly recommend Isabella as a Reiki instructor and practitioner, as she is the embodiment of that which we seek in the practice of Reiki

Peter,   Courtenay,  B.C.

I have a room all set up with my massage table and it is very nice - very zen and relaxing.  

The lighting is natural and the colors are calming.  I find it very relaxing myself just being in

the room.  I am thrilled that I have found you, Isabella, and thrilled that you were able to

bring Reiki to me.  I truly feel it is something that I am meant to be doing.  I find such peace

and joy in Reiki and I am finding how much more grateful I am in my everyday life. It has

truly been life changing for me. I do love being able to help people.

Debbie, Port Hardy, B.C.

My friend did Reiki on me over the years and she decided it was time to get her Masters.  

She searched out Isabella, completed her Masters and was so excited it made me want to

start at the beginning. I did a bit of reading and questioning my good friend, then I called Isabella.  I signed up right away after speaking with the most wonderful woman on the phone,

I couldn't wait to meet her.  The atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful. I was very comfortable and knew I was in the right place with the right teacher.  Now I'm the excited one after

finishing Level 1. I try to practice daily, on myself and others, have purchased a massage

table, Reiki books and tapes and look forward to learning more from Isabella when I sign up

for Level 2.  I wondered why I waited so long to do this, it felt so natural. I was told: You

don't find Reiki, Reiki finds you.   When it's right.

Patricia, Campbell River, B.C.

Isabella’s Reiki courses have changed my life and given me new direction.  Thanks to

Isabella’s passion and compassion for what she does, she has helped me find my own path

and I will be forever grateful for being touched by her spark.

Aanya, Duncan, B.C.

I have enjoyed the benefits of reflexology and Reiki for  many years, both as relaxing

treatments and healing tools. I was fortunate to connect with Isabella and have found

her to be the best practitioner I have experienced.  Isabella’s attitude is caring and

conscientious and she has magic hands.

John, Campbell River, B.C.

Taking a seminar with Isabella was deeply spiritual for me.  It was sensibly grounded, comfortable and informative.  Her background as a public school teacher made it ideal to communicate the fundamentals of Reiki but her spiritual nature brought the heart and soul

into the practice. 

Sierra, Courtenay, B.C.

Thank you Isabella for such a wonderful two days.  I came home full of bubbly energy which

feels great.  It's a pleasure to be taught by someone who is so comfortable and knowledgeable about what they are teaching.  The information just flows out of you.

Nancy,  Nanaimo, B.C.

I found Isabella while looking on the internet for Reiki masters.  Something drew me to her classes.  My first was on a horrible day in the middle of a November storm.  Traveling

through Cathedral Grove there were huge tree limbs down and the winds were whipping the water from Cameron Lake all over the highway.  I would never have normally continued on

that trip but something made it important for me to get to my class.  I am so glad that I did.


 "Isabella", the name conjured up images of flute music and a little dancing person in floating diaphanous gowns and hoards of garish jewels adorning neckline, fingers and toes.  When I met our Isabella I found this wonderful, friendly, down to earth school teacher with my most loved accent.  


Isabella's class was interesting and informative.  The atmosphere in the room was a quirky combination of serenity and intense vibrations.  I came away feeling like I had just received

the most precious gift in the world.  That feeling about the class and about Reiki has never disappeared.   The following year I went on to take Reiki 2 from Isabella.   

If you only take one course or if you decide to go on to other more advanced levels,  the gift of Reiki to yourself is the most incredible gift you will ever receive.  

Lyn,  Port Alberni, B.C.


I thought that I would let you know that last night my husband had a really bad migraine and I did just a five minute touch on his head and about ten minutes later he felt a lot of relief and tension leave.  It was amazing to feel the heat.  Both situations, with Margaret’s foot and Pat’s migraine, have made me feel very thankful to you for your amazing assistance with learning

the natural healing power of energy.   You did it all.  

Jennifer, Comox, B.C.

Here are a number of websites you may find interesting. 

www.reiki.ca  Home of the Canadian Reiki Association.


The Reiki Page.  David Herron has a very comprehensive site filled with much information about Reiki.


The Reiki Threshold.  Rick Rivard  is based in Vancouver, although he has taught in many places.  His site is full of information and history.  

http://www.aetw.org   James Deacon's Reiki pages.  Comprehensive Reiki resource site!   In depth articles on the

Reiki symbols, techniques, history, etc.  Early Reiki documents,  rare photos, free ebooks, Japanese Spiritual

Practices &  much more...


http://www.rainbowcrystal.com  A treasure trove of all things Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystals and so much


http://www.innerfocus.ca/    Inner Focus Holistic Healing   Reiki in Vancouver. Reiki Master/Teacher, Barb Weston, offers Reiki Treatments, Amethyst BioMat Therapy Sessions, Reiki Training Classes, Ear Candling and Reiki

Sessions. Inner Focus Holistic Healing has been serving the Vancouver area since the year 2000.

Campbell River is a beautiful spot on Vancouver Island, B.C.  We have wonderful beaches and

abundant wildlife in the area.  Our sea walk is also completely accessible to walkers, bikers and

those with disabilities.  Mount Washington ski resort is close by and there are quality golf courses

for the golf enthusiast.  

Why not combine a Reiki course with a weekend away and see what our area has to offer?



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