Reiki Sessions on Vancouver Island
What does a Reiki session with Isabella offer?
During a Reiki session a sense of peace and compassion fills the room.  People describe a feeling of deep relaxation and the understanding that they are connected to and can draw upon, loving, healing energy.
This gentle, safe form of hands-on healing usually results in a deep sense of well-being and can be beneficial for many health conditions.  Reiki can help with aches and pains, chronic or acute conditions, stress or tension.  Reiki promotes relaxation and can help strengthen the immune system, allowing your body to begin the process of healing  itself.  
What do I need to know before the Reiki session begins?
The  client remains fully clothed throughout the Reiki session so it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Shoes, loose jewelry and eyeglasses are removed.  For your comfort the environment is allergy friendly, fragrance free, without pets and non-smoking.  Please refrain from wearing scented products to the session.   The practitioner will make sure before the session begins, that you feel warm and that any physical needs, such as extra pillows or blankets, are provided.  Soft music can be played if you wish.  You will then simply settle back, take some deep, cleansing breaths and allow yourself to relax into the peace of Reiki.
During the session the Reiki practitioner will lay hands on particular energy points on the body. These generally correspond with major and minor chakras of the body.  If you so wish, it is also possible to receive Reiki if the practitioner’s hands are above the body.  Crystals may also be used on or around the body if the client so wishes.  While everyone will have their own unique experience with Reiki, many people report feeling warmth from the hands or gentle tingles as the energy passes through, while others feel no particular sensations but are aware of healing and release.  In general though everyone is aware of a sense of well-being, safety, and peace.  
As the energy gently flows, you will probably enter into a state of deep relaxation.  Daily cares recede and time usually slips away.  After the session it is usually wise to take some time to simply rest.  As Reiki often stimulates a cleansing process, it is important that you drink a suitable amount of good quality water for the next few days.
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